BN Papel Catarinense Ltda, planted in Benedito Novo town, in the Itajaí Medium Valley region, in the countryside of Santa Catarina state, produced, in the beginning, low grammage plain papers, made with paper scrap only. Productive activities started in 2001, and the first commercialization happened on October 17th of the same year, providing, in the beginning, papers for the footwear industries in Rio Grande do Sul state.

Ecologically designed, in the beginning, the company employed approximately 25 people and daily production didn’t exceed 10 tons. Nowadays, a hundred employers are part of BN Papéis family and, depending on the paper grammage, daily production can hit the 60 tons.

During its history, BN Papéis has been adapting itself to the market needs and demands, going through transformations that aim to improve the techniques used in the products manufacturing processes, guaranteeing competitiveness and sustaining its position on the market.

Constant investments in people and processes, associated with high technology applied to the productive process, has been guaranteeing our paper’s quality and productivity, manufactured today in many grammages, with paper scrap and cellulose.

Future projects foresee investments to improve even more the productive processes, reduce wastes and costs, train people, standardize the productive system according to the quality management patterns and overcome more and more the suppliers, investors and clients expectations.