Missão, Valores e Princípios da BN Papéis Especiais


To provide papers with exceptional value to our clients, to assure the people's and company's development, with socio-environmental responsibility.


To be proactive in relation to changes, serving continuously the clients' needs. To be a stimulating company to work at and a rewarding company for investors and employees.


  1. To overcome suppliers and clients expectations, creating durable relationships.
  2. To train people constantly for their development individually, in group and in the productive activities.
  3. To join people, ideas and resources aiming constant technological development.
  4. To produce environmentally friendly recycled paper, preserving the environment.
  5. To contribute continuously with the regional socioeconomic development and to propitiate the natural resources recovery.
  6. To obtain fair profit, as a result of the operations, following ethical principles.